Thursday, 12 May 2011

School just school.

School we need it
school, friends
school you have teachers
school is great


dibuat oleh Alisya        


Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Kau boleh jadi elang
Dengan bentangan sayap
Tak pernah mundur menantang
Ombak di depan

Kau boleh jadi pohon
Dengan rambatan akar yang kekar
Menumbuhkan keteduhan dan perdamaian

Kau boleh jadi matahari
Dengan seberkas sinar terang
Menghangatkan dunia yang gersang

Kau boleh jadi mutiara
Dengan indah sinarnya
Terpendam tapi selalu dirindukan

Kau boleh jadi apapun yang kau mau
Tapi kapanpun dan dimanapun
ingatlah selalu kita

dibuat oleh Nur Syazwina.

Old Fashion,still

You broke your watch and you went still,
and the sidewalks weren't very gentle.
Stepped a little over ten pills
think that you might be going mental.
'Cause you think you are running away now
thinking you got away now
from those memories, in all of those nights
That's when things were all electric,
remembering why you weren't dead
And that's when it all whirled apart.

Never really ever had much,
Always wrote down in pencil,
But never ever erased still
'Cause you always had things memorized
from the day you were dreaming of it all
From last fall to the next winter,
Never really had anyone to call

Remember when things were read 'til?
Always thought you had some common nice class
when times were all getting feverish so fast
you thought they were all sentimental
but as the murks of all men steels,
Never notice how florescent they really were
Always thinking you never needed a cure.
But you never really bit, no,
Perhaps things would deal well

In your dreams, several of them remained
Never had you in featured at all
And did you know? Oh no.

Could you ever walk without heels?
Always grasping to the curb's vines
falling besides the Grey's mind
maybe you should not have used a pencil,
knowing that it could be fatal.
Lots in common with your night dress
always kept on top of paper watches
left alone with little tuxedos
Tearing up as some gentlemen left you.
Holding up this trivial crisis as you had long ago.

In your dreams, how many of those He-Man
ever held you in their free hands?
And didn't you wish, you could be one.
One of those, those who never let go

dibuat oleh Fatin Nursyafiqah.

If I,Should I?

If i climb starways to heaven, will I miss out the stars?
If I just lay right here, who's to stop the cars?
If I meet with your skin, who will see my scars?
Is this really my cage, when I can see no bars?

Should I take the first step, or should I sit and wait?
Should I turn towards, or quicken up my gait?
Should I question why, or accept it as my fate?
Is the time now right, or is it far too late?

dibuat oleh Sobehah husain.

The Unsent Poem.

Favorite song plays in the background
Every lyric reminding me of you
Conversations running through my head
So many things that I wish you knew

Everytime that you brought me happiness
I just never quite knew what to say
I was afraid to say the wrong thing
Thinking it would make you go away

Every night I did the same old thing
I wrote poem after poem on my bed
I love you written a hundred ways
Because of fear, they were never said

The stack of poems stands tall
Not one ever making it to you
You simply walked away from me
And a love that you never knew

If only I would have taken a chance
I know that you would still be here
At night I still write you many poems
Only now the ink is mixed with tears

dibuat oleh SH.Wafaa.

My Promise.

I understand that you've been hurt in the
past, and this is my promise to you that
i will never be like your last.......

But instead your first and only, first one
that you were with that didn't leave you
cold and lonely..........

First one that you were with that has no
intentions of doing you wrong, thought
you had forgotten how to love because
its been so long......

Well i'm here to change all of that, and
bring the love and joy back.....

To a girl broken hearted, and to finish
what they started.....

To show her what being in love is really
all about, so she can finally have something
to laugh and smile about......

When i first met you i knew that you were
looking for a fresh start, looking for someone
here to stay who wont run off and leave
with your heart.......

Well i'm here now to love you unconditionally,
right here by your side and thats where i will
always be, I promise...... 

dibuat oleh Alisya Nadzira.